Coming Soon to A Municipality Near You – New Italian ID Cards.

ID cardsHow many of us have slightly torn, crumpled Italian ID Cards in our wallets? However, the days of the flimsy paper Italian ID Card are numbered.

Municipalities in Rome have started introducing new Italian Electronic Identity Cards (Carta di identità elettronica – CIE). Read more

Italian Property Survey – Need One Or Not?

Italian Property Surveysurvey

For most people buying a property in Italy is a major expense; in our view at De Tullio Law Firm, not commissioning a property survey is a false economy.

A surveyor, “geometra”, will provide you with invaluable information and support during the property purchasing process, which will help save you money both prior to and after completion. Read more

The Italian Rent to Buy scheme

rent to buyIntroduction of the Italian Rent to Buy scheme

In September 2014, the Italian parliament introduced measures to revitalise the property real estate sector. These measures include a rent to buy scheme as part of the Sblocca Italia – Unlock Italy – decree (Article 23 of Legislative Decree 133/2014).

With access to credit in Italy continuing to be tight, the rent to buy scheme has two main aims:

  1. to help people purchase a property and
  2. to support builders and developers sell unsold stock of property.

Read more

Planning for the future: your Italian holiday home

Italian holiday homeMany people own a holiday or second home in Italy. If you want to keep your Italian holiday home in the family for future generations, it is advisable, ideally as part of your overall estate plan, to look at how best to manage this. Failing to take the right steps to ensure a home’s future ownership can lead to family upsets and disputes after your death.

A holiday home can hold powerful sentimental value; understandably, many couples want to leave their holiday home to their children as a way of preserving memories of happy family holidays. Read more