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Press Release

Internationalisation of companies:
Business Opportunities in the USA Market.
Martina Franca – Palazzo Ducale – Council Hall.
Friday, 29 November 2019 at 16:00.

Milan, 28 November 2019 – On Friday 29 May at 4:00 p.m., in the Council Hall at the Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca, a seminar will be held. Organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, in collaboration with Confindustria Taranto, on the theme, “Internationalization of enterprises: the opportunities of the United States Market”. The seminar will see representatives of Italian and foreign institutional, political and economic systems debated at the same table. Special guest Mary Avery, Consul General of the United States in Naples.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham) is a private non-profit organization, affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce of Washington D.C., which aims to develop and promote economic and cultural relations between the United States of America and Italy, as well as to promote and protect the
interests of its members in the context of business between the two countries.

Regarding tomorrow’s seminar, Simone Crolla, Managing Director of AmCham Italy said: “AmCham Italy has been a bridge in economic and commercial relations between Italy and the United States for more than 100 years. Since its establishment, the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy has been a point of reference for American entrepreneurs and companies wishing to invest in our country and vice versa. Thanks to the work of our Apulian Chapter, Avv. Giandomenico De Tullio, whom I would like to thank for this, the Martina Franca event only strengthens our role and the need for constant exchange with the United States at a regional level, in a historic moment for Puglia that sees it as a global player, given the events linked to the former Ilva. It is increasingly important to look overseas today, as well as to present oneself to foreign investors as a region rich in opportunities. I would like to thank Confindustria Taranto, the mayor of Martina Franca, Francesco Ancona, for welcoming us, and the American Consulate of Naples for their precious support and the great commitment that the American diplomatic mission in Italy shows every day to promoting relations with Southern Italy, a fundamental exchange between our two countries in terms not only of investment, but also of employment and innovation“.

The agenda for the seminar includes welcome speeches by Francesco Ancona, Mayor of Martina Franca, Antonio Marinaro, President of Confindustria Taranto and Cosimo Damiano Latorre, President of the Order of Accountants of Taranto.

An introductory speech will be given by Mary Avery, Consul General of the United States in Naples.
Thereafter speakers will be Ubaldo Messia (Deloitte Legal, Head of US Desk); Antonio De Palmas (President Southern Europe, Boeing); Domenico Nardelli (Director ITN Spa); Giandomenico De Tullio (Local Representative Puglia American Chamber of Commerce in Italy); Todd Avery (Minister Counsellor for Commercial Affairs of the U.S. Embassy) and Cosimo Borraccino (Councillor for Economic Development Puglia Region).

For further information, please contact the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy Tel. +39 028690661 – Mob. +39 3926739660 – E-mail: –
Affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America, a network of 117 American chambers of commerce in 103 countries with over 3 million affiliated companies, the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy was founded in 1915. The institutional and business relationships developed over more than 100 years of activity between Italy and the USA are a value made available to members as well as government contacts at local and federal level on both sides of the Atlantic.
Giuliano Tomassi Marinangeli is President of AmCham Italy; Simone Crolla is Managing Director.