A Guide to Italian Elective Residence Visa

What is a national visa for elective residence?A Guide to Italian Elective Residence Visa

An elective residence visa (ERV) grants access to Italy for overseas nationals wishing to reside in Italy provided they are able to support themselves financially, without carrying out any type of work-related activity.

Article 13 of Attachment A of the inter-ministerial Decree MAE n°850 defines the types of Italian entry visas and the requirements needed to obtain them.

What paperwork is necessary to obtain an ERV?

Foreigners wishing to obtain an elective residence visa will have to provide documentary proof that they own or rent the property where they will be resident. In addition, proof of adequate financial resources will be required. Successful applicants for an elective residence visa should have annual funds of at least €31,000. This equates to approximately triple the required per diem amount, on an annual basis, as estimated in Chart A, attached to the directive issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on March 1st 2000. Annual income can derive from savings, pensions, annuities, real estate, businesses or from other sources, but not from employment.

Who is entitled to an ERV in addition to the applicant?

A cohabiting spouse or registered partner, minors and adult dependent children will receive the same visa, provided that the aforementioned income is deemed adequate to support them. The total amount of annual income should include an extra 20%, if the visa is requested for a spouse. An additional 5% should be calculated for each dependent child.

What level of annual finances do you need to reside in Italy?

The “minimum financial requirement” in accordance with Italian legislation is approximately €31,000 per annum. However, it is likely that authorities will assess the situation on a case by case basis.

How long is an ERV valid and, can it be renewed?

An ERV is valid for 1 year. Thereafter, the visa can be renewed at provincial police headquarters provided that the original requirements are still met.

An entry visa must be acquired at an Italian Consulate in your home country and converted into a residence permit within 8 days of your arrival in Italy – as is the case for all other types of extended stay visas.

A residence permit cannot be renewed or reinstated if the permit holder interrupts a stay in Italy for a span longer than six months, unless it can be proven that the interruption was due to military duties or other significant and proven motives.

Is any type of employment permitted with an ERV?

No. This type of visa does not permit any employment activity in Italy.

Is there any other type of visa for a long-term stay in Italy?

After 5 years of residence in Italy, it is possible to request a permanent EU residence permit, allowing a holder to benefit from the same terms as those granted to EU citizens.

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