Probate solicitors Italy

Italian probate solicitors

The role of probate solicitors in Italy

Italian probate solicitors assist with the execution of a Will and the legal procedures of Italian inheritance issues. Engaging the services of a competent and knowledgeable lawyer simplifies the administration of an estate.

Having an independent lawyer will assist with collecting all the documentation relating to property, assets and or land. It speeds up the identification and location of the beneficiaries entitled to the estate of the deceased.

An Italian solicitor specialised in the Italian probate procedure can also help in drafting certified translations of documents, appointing a local notary and also following all procedures to ensure that assets are transferred to the name of the entitled beneficiaries with the relevant Italian authorities.Probate solicitors Italy

A solicitor specialised in the Italian probate procedure can advise whether there are any claims or rights to assets and or properties according to Italian Inheritance law. A lawyer can conduct searches for properties, titles, deeds and records and can obtain an appraisal or a survey of a property with the support of qualified professionals, valuing the deceased’s estate for probate purposes and determining if the deceased was subject to debts and liabilities. Advice can be given regarding the procedures for accepting or renouncing an inheritance and the options available according to Italian law.

A lawyer will provide legal support if you need to obtain a copy of a public Will, challenge a Will drafted in conflict with Italian legislation in the Italian Courts, manage your probate, register an inherited property in the name of the heirs or choose to sell inherited properties and or assets.  Probate solicitors are also able to determine taxation connected with the inheritance and  calculate the inheritance tax due.  Where the estate includes a bank account, in connection with an inheritance case, a solicitor can help release the deceased’s accounts ensuring the funds are distributed to the correct beneficiaries.

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