Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC)

What is PEC?

PEC stands for posta elettronica certificata. It is essentially a certified email, which has a legal value. It is the digital version of a registered letter (lettera raccomandata). A PEC guarantees legal certainty of the sender’s identity as well as the date and time the email was sent. It also guarantees that the recipient receives the email and its contents. You will receive notifications that your PEC email has been received, opened and read.

PEC is widely used in Italy to send official documents to public administration organisations and private companies. In fact, it is mandatory for Italian companies, public administration organisations and professionals such as lawyers, notaries and accountants to have a PEC address. Otherwise there is no obligation to have one. email pec

However, there are many advantages to having a PEC address, especially if you are abroad. Instead of having to send a registered letter, you can send a PEC email, which has a legal value and of course, your PEC email will be received almost immediately. You will therefore get faster response from the recipient. Certain Italian public administration bodies are obliged to respond to correspondence within thirty days of receiving it. Whereas it might take several days for a registered letter to be received, sending a PEC email will speed up the process. You can check an organisation or professional PEC address here.

Why is a PEC address useful?

You can use a PEC for a wide variety of official matters, including :

  • sending notifications that require the legal value of a registered letter
  • requesting official appointments, information or documents from an Italian public administration organisation
  • sending legal contracts
  • sending invoices

How can I get a PEC address?

To send PEC email, you will need to set up a PEC account. Costs start from a few Euros a year for a basic PEC account, which usually includes limited storage. The more services you require, for example, additional storage, the more you will pay. The most frequently used providers include: LegalMail, ArubaPEC, Postecert,, Libero.

To obtain a PEC address, you will need to visit your chosen provider’s website and follow the instructions to open your PEC account. You will need to input your personal information, then upload a copy of your identity document, and sometimes your Italian tax code (codice fiscale). You will then need to choose an address such as: and a password – just like any other email account.

If you need help setting up a PEC address, we are here to help.

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