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Gay Weddings in Italy: The Legal Landscape

Italy has made significant strides in LGBTQ+ rights and equality. Until 2016, the country did not recognize same-sex unions. However, that year marked a major milestone when the government passed a law allowing civil unions for same-sex couples. This legislation granted many of the same legal rights and protections as those enjoyed by heterosexual couples, […]

Maintenance And Divorce Allowances in Italy

How does financial support work in Italian separations and divorces? “All are equal before the law”… except when it comes to divorce! In Italy, when a marriage ends, it is common to assume that the spouse with the highest income should pay maintenance and divorce allowances. In simple terms, alimony or spousal support is meant to […]

Child Visitation Rights in Italy: Supreme Court Ruling

The Italian supreme court has ruled that grandchildren cannot be forced to visit grandparents if they don’t want to. The ruling, ending a 3-trial dispute, underscores the importance of considering children’s wishes in visitation matters. The right to maintain relationships: Since 2006, Italian family law has recognised a child’s right to maintain a meaningful relationship with […]

Italian Property Planning: Salva-Casa Decree

The 2024 Salva-Casa Decree has received official approval by Italy’s Council of Ministers. The decree marks a significant step in simplifying and streamlining Italian property planning and construction regulations. Italy faces a significant backlog of over 4 million retroactive planning applications for illegal constructions. In fact, some estimates suggest multiplying this number by at least […]

G7 Summit: Puglia Gears Up

In November 2023, Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni confirmed the G7 leader’s summit in the region of Puglia. The gathering will take place from June 13 to 15, 2024. This globally significant event will be a defining moment in global diplomacy. In this blogpost, we look into the multifaceted aspects of the G7 summit. Not only […]