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Buying or inheriting property in Italy can be a real maze – especially if you don’t speak Italian or know the Italian legal system.

Italian law can be confusing and navigating it alone can be frustrating and even dangerous. The rules are different, the paperwork is daunting. Not to mention Italian legalese!

You need someone who speaks your language fluently, but also knows Italian law inside out. Someone who is not biased, and only has your best interest at heart.

Our dedicated team of multilingual Italian lawyers have assisted clients from around the world in purchasing and inheriting properties across Italy.

When you choose De Tullio Law Firm we are right beside you every step of the way. Let’s make your journey smooth and worry-free.

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Without satisfied clients we would have no business at all, so we are proud and grateful for the trust placed in us by our many clients. furthermore we love taking on both straightforward and challenging assignments. Our peers recognise us as leaders in our field but we know that our biggest success is always a satisfied client.



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