New Biometric Residency Card for UK Nationals Living in Italy

What is the new biometric residency card?

The Italian government has introduced a new electronic residence document with biometrics for UK nationals and their family members resident in Italy.

If you are a UK national and were living in Italy before 1st January 2021, you have the right to obtain the new electronic residency card. There is no need to rush, you should put this on your ‘to do’ list and go through the process in due course.

Family members of UK nationals residing in Italy by 31st December 2020 are entitled to a new electronic residency card and any family members joining UK nationals resident in Italy, even after the afore-mentioned date, are also entitled.

Why do I need a biometric residency card?

The electronic residency card will provide further evidence of your rights under the Withdrawal Agreement and it will save you having to carry other papers such as your Attestazione di iscrizione anagrafica and/or your Permesso di soggiorno when you exit and enter Italy.

How do I obtain a new biometric residency card?

To request the document, you will need to book an appointment by sending a PEC email to your Immigration Office of the Police Headquarters (Questura) in the province of your residence.

You will need to attend your appointment in person. Your biometric data will be taken during the procedure in order to issue the residence document.

The electronic residence document will not be issued at the same time as you submit your application. It will take a few days to produce the card.

How do I apply for a biometric residence card?

You will need to take the following to your appointment:

How long will the biometric residency card be valid?

For UK nationals resident in Italy less than 5 years, the electronic residency card will be valid for 5 years. The card you receive will show the title, “residence card”.

If you are a UK national who has acquired legal and uninterrupted residence in Italy over 5 years or more, including periods of stay before or after 31st December, 2020, the electronic residency card will be valid for 10 years. The card you receive will show the title, “permanent residence card”.

Can I get a biometric residency card if I was living in Italy before 31st December 2020, but wasn’t registered with my local comune?

The British Embassy in Rome is engaging with the Italian government on the process for obtaining electronic residency cards for those who were lawfully living in Italy by 31st December 2020 but who have not yet completed a residency registration with their local town hall. You should regularly check the Living in Italy page for updates.

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