Big cracks in the walls of my Italian property…

I bought an Italian property and now there are big cracks in the walls. What can I do?

You moved in to your new Italian house three months ago and since then some serious cracks developed in a wall.

You called in a surveyor (geometra), who has informed you that there’s a serious structural problem. You expect to receive a full written report from the surveyor within the next few days. Read more

Italy Referendum

Italy’s Referendum

Italy’s Constitutional Reform Referendum

On 4th December Italy goes to the polls: a constitutional referendum is going to give Italians the chance to choose whether to accept or reject the constitutional reform bill approved by Parliament and proposed by Matteo Renzi’s centre-left government. The constitutional reform is one of the most elaborate and ambitious reform bills ever to be put forward in Italy. The outcome, according to latest polls, is too close to call. Some of our readers have asked us what the Italy’s referendum is all about, so in today’s blog post, we attempt to address the key issues and impacts.

Italy ReferendumWhat is Italy voting for?

Currently, Italian laws need to be approved by both houses of the Italian parliament: The Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic. This “bicameral” system pits the state against the regions, which frequently leads to delay or scuppering of new laws, and undermines the stability of the Italian government. Read more

Voices of Experience – Buying A Property in Italy

Having a holiday home in Italy is a dream for many. However, there are many downsides to consider before taking the plunge. I was recently talking to a couple who told me that having a house in Italy means they feel obliged to holiday at the house each year, which over time has become a little boring. In hindsight, they wish they’d rented properties in different parts of the country rather than being tied to the same property in the same place year after year.

If you are considering buying a property in Italy, think long-term. Make sure it’s for the right reasons and that you have done your research absolutely thoroughly.
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High Net Worth Individual Tax System

High Net Worth Individual Tax SystemItaly Introduces a High Net Worth Individual Tax System

Effective from 9th March, 2017, the high net worth individual tax system, pursuant to article 24 bis of Italy’s Budget Bill is a codicil that introduces an annual €100 thousand fixed tax rate for foreigners, including EU citizens, deciding to move their residence to Italy. An additional €25 thousand per annum for each of the individual’s relatives, irrespective of the level of income, is also proposed. According to the bill, for those deciding to move to Italy, benefiting from said fixed tax rate is neither an automatic right nor an obligation – it is a choice.

Individuals wishing to take advantage of the fixed tax rate, will have to file an application with the Italian tax authorities, the Agenzia delle Entrate, which will conduct investigations with the individual’s country of origin before taking a decision. Read more