2024 Italian real estate trends

2024 Italian Real Estate Trends

As we usher in spring, 2024 Italian real estate trends are subtly complex, painted predominantly in shades of gray. The outlook for the Italian residential housing market spans from relative stability to a slight downturn. However, uncertainties cast a shadow, intertwined with the fluctuating cost of borrowing, as highlighted in a survey by the Corriere della Sera.

The Gray Dominance: Unveiling 2024 Italian Real Estate Trends

Gray, as the dominant color in the residential market of 2024, sets the stage for a year of potential shifts. While some anticipate stability, others predict a gentle downturn. The pivotal factor here is the trajectory of the cost of money, introducing an element of unpredictability. If interest rates decrease, the consensus is not an immediate surge in sales, but rather a certainty that both sales and prices will respond if the cost of money remains static or banks tighten credit access.

Scenari Immobiliari’s Perspective

For a comprehensive understanding, Corriere della Sera sought insights from renowned real estate research firms. Scenari Immobiliari’s President, Mario Breglia, characterizes 2024 as a “year of transition.” He points out that while inflation is decreasing and economic uncertainty is subsiding, shadows persist due to the potential decline in mortgage demand amid reduced incomes. Breglia suggests that families, in response, might choose to defer property purchases until economic conditions improve.

Nomisma’s Analysis

Nomisma’s three-year forecast paints a cautious picture. While a slight recovery in property transactions is projected for 2026, 2024 could witness a substantial decline of 8.8%. The institute’s CEO, Luca Dondi, emphasizes the significance of credit access and the potential impact of a more expansive ECB policy in the coming months.

Market Trends and Predictions for 2024 Italian Real Estate

As we delve deeper into projections, a nuanced narrative unfolds. Nomisma foresees a 17.4% decrease in mortgage disbursements for 2024, coupled with a 6.8% decline in the following year. Price variations in large cities are expected to hover around +0.6%, with Milan leading at +1.4%, and the capital, Rome, at +0.6%. Despite these figures, the overall market sentiment remains cautious, with optimism tentatively deferred to 2025.

The Role of Financing in 2024 Italian Real Estate Trends: MutuiOnline.it’s Perspective

MutuiOnline.it injects a note of optimism, particularly in the financing realm. Alessio Santarelli, the platform’s DG, highlights the divergence between the ECB and the Fed’s approaches to interest rates. He suggests that this prolonged discrepancy may become untenable. However, Santarelli points to the potential for optimism, as Euribor futures indicate a decrease in variable-rate mortgages by approximately 170 basis points by year-end, potentially revitalizing the market for young buyers and those seeking larger homes.

Interpreting the Market Dynamics: Gabetti’s Take on 2024 Italian Real Estate Trends

Gabetti’s CEO, Roberto Busso, envisions a more favorable financial leverage perspective if inflation continues to decline. Nevertheless, he underscores the importance of understanding the evolving demand for a new housing model. Furthermore, Busso suggests that this model may not necessarily involve property ownership, signaling potential shifts in housing preferences.

Considering Societal Changes: Fiaip’s Perspective on 2024 Italian Real Estate Trends

Francesco La Commare, head of the Fiaip study office, highlights the evolving dynamics spurred by diminishing job security. Consequently, this shift has resulted in increased mobility and a growing demand for rentals outside major cities. Importantly, he emphasizes the crucial need for legislative responses to ensure secure leasing options for property owners in this changing landscape.

Forecasting Rental Trends: Tecnocasa’s Insights on 2024 Italian Real Estate Trends

Tecnocasa’s Fabiana Megliola anticipates a growth in rentals due to strong demand. However, she points out that the lack of supply, coupled with a resurgence in short-term rentals, may lead to an unsustainable increase in rents. The future trajectory, she suggests, depends on economic evolution, projected weak growth, inflation trends, and the confidence of businesses and consumers.

Finally …

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