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In our articles, you can learn useful information like how to buy a house in Italy. You can also find out what you need to do if you want to move to Italy with your family. We also cover family legal matters, such as getting a divorce. And if someone you care about passes away, our articles can help you find out about what happens with their property or money.

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Can Canadians Still Buy Property in Italy? FPPRA.

Can Canadians buy Property in Italy?

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Hague Convention: China signs Apostille Convention

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Translating legal documents for Italian Property Transactions

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Italian inheritance law

How to buy a house in Italy | Auction

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Property in Italy. Advice for Buying, Renovating And Selling.

Property in Italy. Advice for Buying, Renovating And Selling.

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Italian Inheritance Law. A Short Guide

Italian Inheritance Law. A Short Guide

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Before buying a property in Italy. What should you know?

Buying An Italian Property. A Short Guide

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Italienisches Erbrecht

Renovating A Property in Italy. A Short Guide

Renovating a property in Italy is a complex process requiring…