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In our articles, you can learn useful information like how to buy a house in Italy. You can also find out what you need to do if you want to move to Italy with your family. We also cover family legal matters, such as getting a divorce. And if someone you care about passes away, our articles can help you find out about what happens with their property or money.

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Italian Tax Residency Changes 2024

Italian Tax Residency Changes 2024

Italy's fiscal landscape recently underwent significant change…
Italian Citizenship by Descent – Jus Sanguinis

Italian Citizenship: An Essential Guide for Foreign Nationals

Italian citizenship offers a plethora of opportunities, including…
Certificate of Legitimate Status

Certificate of Legitimate Status

Italy's real estate landscape has seen significant changes with…
European Professional Card (EPC)

European Professional Card for Realtors

The European Professional Card is a groundbreaking initiative…
G7 Summit: Puglia Gears Up

G7 Summit: Puglia Gears Up

In November 2023, Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni confirmed the…
Buying a house in Puglia

Buying A House in Puglia: A Guide

If you are thinking of buying a house in the Italian region of…
De Tullio Law Firm

Buying a House in Tuscany: A Guide

If you're considering buying a house in the beautiful region…
Italian Budget Law 2024

Italian Budget Law 2024: Property Matters

Effective from January 1, the Italian Budget Law 2024 has ushered…
Work from Ollolai.

Work from Ollolai for a monthly rent of €1

In the heart of Sardinia, a village is reimagining the concept…