Requesting an Italian Visa for Elective Residence

Requesting an Italian Visa for Elective Residence

What is a national visa for elective residence?

The Italian visa for elective residence grants access to Italy to non-EU nationals wishing to reside in the country. The main requirement for obtaining an ERV is that the applicants must be able to support themselves autonomously in Italy. This must be through an income unrelated to employment. Your income must be sufficient to exclude recourse to the Italian welfare system.

What paperwork is necessary in order to obtain it?

Non-EU nationals wishing to obtain the Italian Visa for Elective Residence, will have to provide documented proof of a dwelling as their residence. As well as the availability of annual financial income. Such income is set at about 31,000 euros a year and can come from the entitlement to substantial incomes, from owning real estate, from stable businesses or from any sources other than subordinate employment.

Can other families also get an Italian Visa for Elective Residence?

The cohabiting spouse, underage and adult dependent children will receive the same visa. Providing that the aforementioned income is deemed as adequate to the ends of their sustenance as well. Furthermore, the total amount of the monthly incomes will have to increase by 20%, in case the visa is requested for the spouse as well . Such increase will have to add up to at least 5% for each dependent child.

How long is the visa valid and what does the renewal procedure entail?

The visa for Elective Residence is valid for 1 year after which you can renew it at the competent police headquarters providing that the original requirements are still valid. Furthermore, you cannot renew the residency permit if you have been ouside of Italy for longer than six months, except if it was mandatory due to military duties or other significant and substantiated motivations.

Is any working activity possible with an Italian Visa for Elective Residence?

No, this type of visa does not allow carrying out any working activity in Italy. After 5 years, it is possible to request an EC permit of residency for longterm stayers. This has permanent validity and allows its holder to benefit from the same treatment as EU citizens.

Finally …

In conclusion, we understand that Italian residency matters can be confusing and difficult to navigate. If you need help concerning an Italian Visa for Elective Residence please get in touch with us. We are here to help.

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