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Property in Italy: Avoiding Pitfalls When Buying Italian Property

Buying an Italian property should be exciting but, it can also be a complex process The best way to protect your investment when buying an Italian property is to engage an English-speaking Italian lawyer. Instructing an independent, English-speaking Italian lawyer could save you money and stress in the long run. Choosing the right Italian lawyer […]

Reserved Acceptance – Italian Inheritance

Debts on an Italian inheritance Accepting an Italian inheritance also implies taking on responsibility for any debts the decedent leaves. Heirs risk having to paying any debts they inherit from their own pockets. For this reason, Italian law confers a choice of whether to renounce or accept an inheritance. There is however, also a third […]

What is a Biotestamento (Living Will)?

A living will, biotestamento, allows a person to make decisions about medical treatment Biotestamento legislation in Italy is in two parts. The first, more general part, deals with giving informed consent on medical treatments. The second part of the law specifically provides for a number of DATs (disposizioni anticipate di trattamento). What are biotestamento DATs? […]

Italian Divorce Law And EU Regulations

Living in a cross-cultural relationship? We often receive questions about Italian divorce law at our law firm. Many people nowadays are part of a cross-cultural relationship and, for the most part it is an enriching and beautiful experience. However, it can also be difficult to manage if the relationship flounders. When it comes to separation […]

Italian Law of Succession

Italian Law of Succession – An Overview Italian Law of Succession in Italy follows the Roman Law principle. This means it provides some protection to close members of the family. This therefore, partially limits the right of the testator to dispose of assets. Testamentary Succession consists of the assignment of hereditary assets in compliance with […]

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy. Puglia Chapter

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy (AmCham) is a private, not-for-profit organisation. It aims to develop and promote economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy. In addition to his role at De Tullio Law Firm, Managing Partner Giandomenico De Tullio is a regional representative for Puglia […]

Cross border inheritance in Italy

Italian inheritance law Many of our clients own property at home and here in Italy. We frequently receive questions about how cross border inheritance in Italy works. Law no. 218 of 31st May, 1995 regulates the field of Italian inheritance law in the framework of international private law. Habitual residence of the deceased at the time […]