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Italian Budget Law 2023. Property-Related Measures.

Italian Budget Law 2023 The Italian Senate approved Italian Budget Law 2023 on 29th December, 2022. The Budget Law came into effect on 1st January, 2023. In this article, we outline the main budget and bonus measures pertaining to Italian property. Superbonus: anti-seismic renovations and energy efficiency improvements During the COVID pandemic in 2020, the […]

Italian Tax code (Codice Fiscale) – A Short Guide

What is an Italian tax code (codice fiscale)? The Italian tax code or codice fiscale is an alphanumeric 16 character code generated on the basis of your personal information.  An Italian tax code is similar to a National Insurance number in the UK or Social Security number in the USA. It uniquely identifies individuals for Italian […]

Off-Plan Insurance Policy in Italy

Insurance policy for off-plan property Buying off-plan means you purchase your home before the developer has finished building it. You may even buy it before construction has begun. This type of purchase in Italy is not without risks. Article 4 of Italian legislative decree 122/2005 states that a construction company must provide an off-plan insurance […]

Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC)

What is a PEC? PEC stands for posta elettronica certificata. It is essentially a certified email, which has a legal value, like a digital version of a registered letter (lettera raccomandata). Posta elettronica certificata guarantees legal certainty of the sender’s identity as well as the date and time the email was sent. A PEC also […]

Cura Italia Decree. March 2020

Wide-ranging central bank and government policies and stimulus packages are supporting the economy during the COVID pandemic. The Italian government has moved quickly to activate a fiscal package to support businesses and individuals through the crisis. The measures introduced in the “Cura Italia Decree” take a three pronged approach. Firstly, they aim to reinforce the […]

International Succession

Foreign nationals with a second home in Italy are subject to international succession procedures International succession pertains to the estate of a person who dies in a country other than that of their nationality or residence. It is likewise applicable to someone who leaves movable or immovable assets in a country other than that of […]