Italian First Home Benefits for Expatriates

Italian First Home Benefits for Expatriates

Law No. 103 of 10.08.2023, coupled with amendments to DL No. 69/2023, has ushered in significant changes to Italian first-home benefits for expatriates. This pivotal legislation not only addresses an infringement procedure initiated by the European Commission against Italy but also introduces key enhancements to the first home benefits regime.

The Innovation Introduced by DL No. 69/2023

DL No. 69/2023 addresses a critical issue flagged by the European Commission concerning first home benefits for expatriates. This decree, aptly named “Salva infrazioni” (Save Infractions), rectifies discrepancies in the application of reduced property taxes for expatriates. Now, expatriates who have resided or worked in Italy for at least five years and are transferred abroad for work reasons can enjoy reduced property tax rates when purchasing a property in Italy.

Understanding Italian First Home Benefits

Italian first-home benefits encompass a range of advantages aimed at facilitating property acquisition for expatriates. These benefits include reduced tax rates, fixed tax amounts, and VAT reductions, making property ownership in Italy more accessible and affordable.

Reduced Tax Rates: Expatriates can benefit from lower registration tax rates, alleviating the financial burden of property acquisition. Under the first home benefits scheme, taxes payable when buying property in Italy include:

For purchases from private individuals or VAT-exempt companies:

– Proportional registration tax at a rate of 2% (instead of 9%)

– Fixed mortgage tax of 50 euros

– Fixed cadastral tax of 50 euros

For purchases from companies subject to VAT:

– Reduced VAT at 4%

– Registration tax of 200 euros

– Mortgage tax of 200 euros

– Land registry tax of 200 euros

These reduced tax rates and fixed tax amounts provide transparency and predictability in property transaction costs, enhancing the appeal of property ownership in Italy for expatriates.

Eligibility Criteria for Italian First Home Benefits

To qualify for Italian first home benefits, expatriates must meet stringent eligibility criteria. These criteria include sole ownership of the property, compliance with municipal constraints, meeting residency prerequisites, and adhering to specific property categorization requirements. Moreover, only properties falling under designated cadastral categories, such as A/2, A/3, A/4, A/5, A/7, and A/11, are eligible for the benefit.

Evolution of Legislation for Italian First Home Benefits

Previous legislation provided exceptions for expatriates, particularly those relocating abroad for work. However, DL No. 69/2023 introduces a refined framework, emphasizing stricter residency and property location criteria. These changes ensure that benefits are directed towards individuals with substantial ties to Italy.

Rectification Procedures and Self-Certification

In cases where applicants fail to declare their residency status abroad at the time of purchase, rectification procedures exist. Italian citizens residing abroad can rectify their status through self-certification, as clarified by the Revenue Agency. This ensures compliance with residency prerequisites and maintains continuity in benefit entitlement.

Changes Introduced by DL No. 69/2023

DL No. 69/2023 introduces a new discipline regarding first home benefits for expatriates. This decree stipulates that individuals who transfer abroad for work reasons must have resided or carried out an activity in Italy for at least five years prior. Additionally, the property must be located in the municipality of birth or where they previously resided or conducted business.

Finally …

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