Cultural heritage site: Trulli of Alberobello

Cultural Heritage in Italy. Buying a historic property?

Buying a historic property in Italy? Italy is rich in artistic and cultural heritage. In fact, the UNESCO committee has declared Italy the country with the most world heritage sites.  These cultural heritage sites comprise cities, towns, and real estate. View the full list of world heritage sites in Italy at UNESCO. If you are considering […]

Can I still buy property in Italy after Brexit?

What is reciprocity? Sovereign laws, set by individual countries, have always been applicable when it comes to property purchases – even prior to Brexit. For example, when you buy property in England, the applicable law is that of England and Wales. When you buy property in Italy, you purchase according to the laws of Italy. […]

Self-Build Projects in Italy

Tiny House in Italy. What Are The Rules?

Tempted by A Tiny House in Italy? Living in a tiny house in Italy Recently, tiny houses, also known as mini houses, have been appearing on the Italian property market. Purchasing or building a tiny house in Italy may represent an affordable, energy saving and eco-sustainable way of owning property. However, there are legal aspects […]

Buying A Property to Renovate in Italy

Avoid common mistakes when buying a property to renovate in Italy Buying a property to renovate in Italy is a common scenario. It is also a common scenario for these projects to end in heartache. At De Tullio Law Firm we often don’t meet these buyers until after they have purchased a property. They have usually […]

Страховой полис для недвижимости вне плана в Италии

Off-Plan Insurance Policy in Italy

Insurance policy for off-plan property Buying off-plan means you purchase your home before the developer has finished building it. You may even buy it before construction has begun. This type of purchase in Italy is not without risks. Article 4 of Italian legislative decree 122/2005 states that a construction company must provide an off-plan insurance […]

The Italian Property Market And COVID. What Is The Outlook?

Three main impacts of COVID on the Italian property market but the outlook is optimistic The Italian property market has taken a hit from the COVID health and economic crisis. Wide-ranging central bank and government policies and stimulus packages are supporting the economy. As emergency restrictions ease, the outlook is optimistic. The impact of COVID-19 […]