Work from Ollolai.

Work from Ollolai for a monthly rent of €1

In the heart of Sardinia, a village is reimagining the concept of remote work. The picturesque village of Ollolai, in the hilly Barbagia area of Sardinia, is pioneering a new initiative. Work from Ollolai (WFO), provides individuals with the extraordinary opportunity to both live and work in Ollolai for the symbolic monthly rent of just €1.

Over the past century, Ollolai’s population has significantly decreased, dwindling from 2,250 to 1,300 residents. The village, which famously counts Arnold Schwarzenegger among its honorary citizens, sees only a handful of babies born each year.

In 2018, Ollolai followed a trend seen in many Italian towns by selling homes for the price of 1 euro to revitalize its historic district. This initiative aimed to breathe new life into the area as well as attract residents.

WFO elevates this revival. In addition, the concept aims to foster cultural exchange in a way that promises to inspire, inform, and unite communities.

A Unique Experience: Tradition Meets Innovation

Sardinia, with its serene beauty, seems to slow time itself, allowing tradition and nature to harmonize. Ollolai is the embodiment of this unique blend, where simplicity and innovation intersect.

Now, through its WFO, the village extends a warm invitation to professionals and entrepreneurs from across the globe, beckoning them to become part of its vibrant community.

Work from Ollolai: Enriching Lives

This initiative encourages participants to contribute through lectures, presentations, or projects. Experienced professionals, artists, writers, scientists, and academics can all play a role in enriching the local culture.

Cultural Exchange

Work from Ollolai goes beyond work; it’s about forging enduring connections and embracing a lifestyle rooted in community. Participants receive the gift of a distinctive cultural experience while imparting their knowledge.

Work from Ollolai: Practical Details

Under the WFO initiative, Ollolai’s town hall has allocated 20,000 euros (approximately $21,460) to host 30 remote workers from around the world, providing them with free stays in the village, one at a time, over the next two years.

Online applications for this unique opportunity are open until 31st December, 2023.

The selected participants can reside in Ollolai for up to three months at a time. This is in line with the legal maximum stay duration for non-EU nationals in Italy without a visa.

Accommodations provided consist of private houses. However, it’s important to note that these are authentic homes, not Airbnb properties or hotels.

Despite the symbolic monthly rent for the house being €1, guests are responsible for additional expenses, encompassing food, utilities, deposits, and travel.

Moreover, guests can access high-speed internet via e-SIM cards on their phones, making use of any Italian mobile network provider, thereby ensuring speeds of approximately 150Mb/s.

A Life-Changing Journey

Work from Ollolai is an opportunity to shape a community, and, in return, have your life transformed. In this remarkable village, tradition and innovation converge, while shared wisdom and cultural immersion enrich lives. It’s not just a program; instead, it’s an unforgettable journey that you won’t want to miss.

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