Are you resident or domiciled in Italy?

In today’s post, in response to a number of questions we have had at De Tullio Law Firm regarding this topic, I explore the legal and tax implications of Italian residency and domicile as they pertain to EU and non-EU nationals.

This is a very complex area and because every individual’s case is different. I would strongly recommend that you seek advice and guidance from your lawyer and accountant.resident or domiciled in Italy

For EU nationals, a visa is not required to enter or to work in Italy. A valid identity document issued by the relevant authorities in an individual’s country of citizenship is sufficient to allow entry to live and work in Italy. Read more

Accepting or Renouncing an Inheritance in Italy

Italian Inheritance

Accepting or Renouncing an Inheritance in Italy

A beneficiary can either renounce or accept the right to an Italian inheritance. A beneficiary acquires the qualification of heir as soon as an inheritance is accepted. Once accepted, the qualification of heir is irrevocable.

Renouncing an inheritance in Italy

How does acceptance work?

Acceptance to be an heir can be made expressly or tacitly. In either case, acceptance must be manifested within 10 years from the opening of the succession process. The express acceptance of an Italian inheritance takes place when the heir declares a willingness to accept the status of heir, by means of a notarial or a private deed. Tacit acceptance takes place when someone acts in such a way that the acceptance to inherit assets can be implied or inferred. Read more

What are my parental rights in Italy?

Following the recent introduction of civil unions into Italian national law our thoughts turn to the parental rights of married and particularly unmarried couples in Italy.parental rights

Italian politician, Monica Cirinnà has told us that the rights of those in a civil union will be much the same as those of married couples.

This of course cannot be so straightforward when it comes to children, and we still await clarity on the case for adoption between civil partners. As it stands, adoption for same sex couples is still off the cards.

For those living in or moving to Italy it is important to understand parental rights. That way, as a married or unmarried couple with children you can be in the best position to make decisions or provisions for the future. Read more