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Elektive Resident Visum (ERV). Visa-Bediungungen

Das elektive Resident Visum (ERV) – Visa-Bedingungen Ein elektive Resident Visum (ERV) ist speziell für Ausländer gedacht, die sich dauerhaft in Italien aufhalten wollen und in der Lage sind, sich ohne Arbeit in Italien finanziell zu versorgen. Um sich für eine ERV zu qualifizieren, ist der Antragsteller verpflichtet, einen ausreichenden und dokumentierten Nachweis zu erbringen: […]

Insidertipps beim Immobilienkauf in Italien

Tipps für den Kauf einer Immobilie in Italien Wir haben Kunden nach ihren Insidertipps beim Immobilienkauf in Italien gefragt. Hier ist eine Auswahl von Antworten, von denen wir hoffen, dass sie hilfreich sein könnten, wenn Sie planen, Immobilien in Italien zu kaufen. In Italien tauschen Sie rechtsverbindliche Papiere und Geld viel früher aus, sobald Ihr Angebot […]

Legitimate Heirs. Rights of “Forced Heirs” in Italian Inheritance

Italian law provides for legitimate heirs Although a testator may have expressed wishes in a Will, certain people have a legal right to receive at least a portion of an Italian inheritance. These are all so-called, “legitimate heirs”, or “forced heirs”. The testator only has one portion of assets to dispose of freely, which varies […]

Italian Property Transaction? Seek Legal Advice

Don’t Leave Your Italian Property Transaction To Chance … When buying or selling a property at home, most people wouldn’t dream of doing so without the assistance of a qualified and independent lawyer. Yet in Italy, many buyers and sellers, particularly foreigners, decide not to instruct a lawyer and instead rely on an estate agent […]

Can I Back Out of A Preliminary Contract?

You rather rushed into signing a preliminary contract on an Italian property Now you need to back out of the preliminary contract. You rushed into signing because you didn’t want to miss out on a great opportunity. It’s long been your dream to own a property in Italy. When you saw this penthouse apartment, you […]

Property buying in Italy Can Be A Nightmare

When buying a property in Italy, before you sign any paperwork, seek professional advice Property buying in Italy is a serious investment and often the fulfilment of a dream. Italy’s unique real estate laws and local customs all lead to the recommendation of having the right team of advisors in place to make your experience […]

Italian Estate Tax

Italian estate tax (imposta di successione) Although the government abolished Italian estate tax in 2001, it subsequently reintroduced it in 2006. Italian estate tax is therefore applicable to succession cases prior to October 25, 2001 and those from October 3, 2006 onwards. In order to comply with the fiscal rules of inheritance law, heirs need […]