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Italian Property at Auction. How To Buy?

Has it ever crossed your mind to purchase Italian property at auction? If you have ever considered purchasing Italian property at auction, you should know that you can get a good deal. Buying Italian property at auction could turn out to be a good opportunity to purchase a property for a reasonable price. You could […]

Unauthorised Construction in Italy Is A Criminal Offence

Unauthorised construction in Italy is not uncommon Unauthorised construction in Italy is a common issue that you might have encountered if you have bought, or are in the process of buying, an Italian property. What constitutes unauthorised construction in Italy? In general terms, unauthorised construction occurs when someone makes changes to a property without obtaining legally […]

What Is An Apostille?

How can you ensure official documents are recognised abroad? If a document is intended for use in another country, there may be a further formality of recognition. The procedure is generally described as a “legalisation” although it is sometimes referred to as “consularisation”. In order to use an official document overseas, you may therefore require […]

Buying Cultural Heritage in Italy

Buying a historic property in Italy? Italy is rich in artistic and cultural heritage. In fact, the UNESCO committee has declared Italy the country with the most world heritage sites.  These cultural heritage sites comprise cities, towns, and real estate. View the full list of world heritage sites in Italy at UNESCO. If you are considering […]