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Applying A Power of Attorney in Italy

Unable to travel to Italy? If for any reason, you are unable to reach Italy in person to fulfil legal obligations such as signing legal documents or dealing with Italian succession procedures, the solution may be to confer a Power of Attorney. How does a Power of Attorney work? A Power of Attorney – “Procura” […]

How do UK nationals obtain permanent Italian residency?

Visa requirements Starting from January 1st 2021, UK nationals planning to stay in Italy for more than 90 days within a 180 day period, have become subject to national visa requirements in accordance with Italian immigration rules applicable to non-EU / third country nationals. UK nationals wishing to permanently reside in Italy have to follow the […]

Posta Elettronica Certificata (PEC)

What is a PEC? PEC stands for posta elettronica certificata. It is essentially a certified email, which has a legal value. It is the digital version of a registered letter (lettera raccomandata). A PEC guarantees legal certainty of the sender’s identity as well as the date and time the email was sent. It also guarantees that the recipient […]

New Biometric Residency Card for UK Nationals Living in Italy

What is the new biometric residency card? The Italian government has introduced a new electronic residence document with biometrics for UK nationals and their family members resident in Italy. If you are a UK national and were living in Italy before 1st January 2021, you have the right to obtain the new electronic residency card. […]

Preliminary Contracts in Italian Property Purchases

Preliminary Contracts in Italian Property Purchases – Condition Precedent Before signing a preliminary contract for an Italian property, it is crucial to think about your personal circumstances. Often, estate agents provide a boilerplate preliminary purchase contract. This is a legally binding document. However, the standard template may not fit your needs. We would always recommend […]

Legal rights and status of children born out of wedlock

Case Study. Italian Law of Filiation – Legal rights and status of children born out of wedlock. De Tullio Law Firm Senior Associate, Maria Clelia Taló, is a legal advisor specialised in cross-border property and inheritance matters. Clelia was recently engaged by an Australian law practice to provide evidence in a civil court case at […]

How to get a mortgage in Italy

Can foreign nationals get a mortgage in Italy even if they are not residents? The short answer is yes. However, compared to foreign nationals who are resident in Italy, it is a more complex process for non-resident foreign nationals whose income is generated outside Italy. There are fewer options when it comes to lenders who […]