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New Build Warranty in Italy

Buying a new build home in Italy should mean you encounter fewer problems than you would with an older property. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If you purchase a newly built property, or a property that is under construction, you want reassurance that the builder will fix any issues with your new build property. If […]

Abuso edilizio (Unauthorised Construction) in Italy

Abuso edilizio (Unauthorised Construction) in Italy is not uncommon Abuso edilizio, or anauthorised Construction, in Italy is a common issue that you might have encountered if you have bought, or are in the process of buying, an Italian property. What constitutes unauthorised construction in Italy? In general terms, unauthorised construction occurs when someone makes changes to […]

Moving to Italy from the UK: Obtaining Permanent Italian Residency

Visa requirements for moving to Italy from the UK post-Brexit UK nationals are now subject to immigration requirements in Italy. If you stay in Italy for more than 90 days within any 180 day period, you will need a visa. Becoming a permanent Italian resident post Brexit Since January 1st, 2021, if you wish to […]

Tiny House in Italy. What Are The Rules?

Tempted by A Tiny House in Italy? Living in a tiny house in Italy Recently, tiny houses, also known as mini houses, have been appearing on the Italian property market. Purchasing or building a tiny house in Italy may represent an affordable, energy saving and eco-sustainable way of owning property. However, there are legal aspects […]

COVID-19: Effects on Italian property prices

Three main impacts of COVID on the Italian property market but the outlook is optimistic The Italian property market has taken a hit from the COVID health and economic crisis. Wide-ranging central bank and government policies and stimulus packages are supporting the economy. As emergency restrictions ease, the outlook is optimistic. The impact of COVID-19 […]

What is an Attestato di Prestazione Energetica

What is an Attestato di prestazione energetica (Italian Energy Performance Certificate)? If you are purchasing a property in Italy, an Italian Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) –  Attestato di Prestazione Energetica (APE)  is an essential document. In Italy, only an accredited engineer or surveyor can issue an EPC. As well as describing various aspects of the […]

Biometric Residency Card for UK Nationals Living in Italy

What is the biometric residency card? The Italian government has introduced a biometric residency card for UK nationals and their family members resident in Italy. If you are a UK national and were living in Italy before 1st January 2021, you have the right to obtain an electronic residency card. Family members of UK nationals who […]