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Italian Beach Concessions. Investment Opportunities.

Along its 7.500 kilometres of coastline, Italy boasts more than 12,000 beach concessions Following protracted debate, the Italian government will now apply EU competition laws to Italian beach concessions. The Italian government approved a bill in November 2021, which aims to improve competition in the Italian goods and services markets – this includes Italy’s beach […]

Italian Tax code (Codice Fiscale) – A Short Guide

What is an Italian tax code (codice fiscale)? The Italian tax code or codice fiscale is an alphanumeric 16 character code generated on the basis of your personal information.  An Italian tax code is similar to a National Insurance number in the UK or Social Security number in the USA. It uniquely identifies individuals for Italian […]

Unauthorised Construction in Italy Is A Criminal Offence

Unauthorised construction in Italy is not uncommon Unauthorised construction in Italy is a common issue that you might have encountered if you have bought, or are in the process of buying, an Italian property. What constitutes unauthorised construction in Italy? In general terms, unauthorised construction occurs when someone makes changes to a property without obtaining legally […]

How Do UK Nationals Obtain Permanent Italian Residency?

Visa requirements for UK nationals post-Brexit UK nationals are now subject to immigration requirements in Italy. If you stay in Italy for more than 90 days within any 180 day period, you will need a visa. Becoming a permanent Italian resident post Brexit Since January 1st, 2021, if you wish to become resident in Italy, […]

Tiny House in Italy. What Are The Rules?

Tempted by A Tiny House in Italy? Living in a tiny house in Italy Recently, tiny houses, also known as mini houses, have been appearing on the Italian property market. Purchasing or building a tiny house in Italy may represent an affordable, energy saving and eco-sustainable way of owning property. However, there are legal aspects […]