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Certificate of Legitimate Status

Italy’s real estate landscape has seen significant changes with the implementation of Law 120/2020, known as the Simplification Decree. This decree aims to streamline and simplify building procedures for public administration and reduce complexities for citizens and businesses. One notable aspect is the introduction of the Certificate of Legitimate Status, a crucial document impacting property […]

European Professional Card for Realtors

The European Professional Card is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at simplifying and harmonising professional qualifications within the European Union (EU). Specifically tailored for regulated professions seeking recognition, the card offers a streamlined electronic process for individuals aiming to validate their credentials in another EU country. While in some EU countries, the European Professional Card procedure […]

G7 Summit: Puglia Gears Up

In November 2023, Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni confirmed the G7 leader’s summit in the region of Puglia. The gathering will take place from June 13 to 15, 2024. This globally significant event will be a defining moment in global diplomacy. In this blogpost, we look into the multifaceted aspects of the G7 summit. Not only […]

Work from Ollolai for a monthly rent of €1

In the heart of Sardinia, a village is reimagining the concept of remote work. The picturesque village of Ollolai, in the hilly Barbagia area of Sardinia, is pioneering a new initiative. Work from Ollolai (WFO), provides individuals with the extraordinary opportunity to both live and work in Ollolai for the symbolic monthly rent of just […]

Italian Roots

Embracing Italian Roots: Lorenzo Musci’s Journey of Resilience and Family Bonds In the heart of Santeramo in Colle, a small town in the Province of Bari, Italy, in 1939, a poignant reunion took place. Lorenzo Musci, now approaching the age of eighty, had returned to his Italian roots after twenty-seven years in the United States. […]

Canadian Investors in Italian Real Estate 2023

In terms of international property investment, Canadian investors in Italian real estate face a complex and evolving legal terrain. This blog post builds upon a previous discussion and explores recent developments in the legal framework that directly impacts Canadian investors. We’ll shed light on a crucial exemption to the Foreign Property Purchase Restriction Act (FPPRA), […]

Ferragosto in Italy: A Time of Celebration

Ferragosto in Italy is a time of joyous festivities and a well-deserved break from the daily grind. This cherished holiday, deeply rooted in history, has become an integral part of Italian culture. As the country gears up to celebrate Ferragosto, let’s explore the traditions, closures of public offices, and how this holiday impacts services, including […]