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Italian Inheritance Tax

Do beneficiaries need to pay tax on Italian inheritance? This is a question we are often asked at De Tullio Law Firm. The answer is yes. Beneficiaries need to pay Italian inheritance tax. Who calculates Italian inheritance tax? When you become the beneficiary of an inheritance you may have to submit a statement of succession, “Dichiarazione […]

De Tullio Law Firm. Italian And Cross Border Legal Specialists.

De Tullio Law Firm. Solid, strong, stable legal expertise At De Tullio Law Firm we provide independent legal advice in all areas of the law. The majority of our work focuses on managing a wide range of Italian and cross border legal matters. We are specialists in property, family and inheritance law. A passion for […]

Buying Property in Italy

The Italian property market Dreaming of buying property in Italy? The country’s rich heritage, magnificent buildings, cities steeped in history and regions with landscapes are as sublime as they are varied. This territorial diversity and widely different prices per square metre of property make the Italian real estate market very interesting. Property Prices The average […]

1 Euro Houses in Italy

1 Euro houses in Italy: too good to be true? In recent years, to combat dwindling populations in rural areas of Italy, a number of Italian villages, have been launching charm offensives by putting a number of houses up for sale for the symbolic sum of 1 Euro. The aim of local municipalities is to […]

Cadastral and Zoning Compliance in Italy

Italian Property: The importance of cadastral (land registry) and zoning compliance We often meet people who find themselves in trouble because they didn’t seek legal advice about cadastral and zoning compliance when they bought their Italian property. It is not uncommon to discover – some time after buying an Italian property, that the property is […]

Cura Italia Decree. March 2020

Wide-ranging central bank and government policies and stimulus packages are supporting the economy during the COVID pandemic. The Italian government has moved quickly to activate a fiscal package to support businesses and individuals through the crisis. The measures introduced in the “Cura Italia Decree” take a three pronged approach. Firstly, they aim to reinforce the […]