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Illegal Construction in Italy (abuso edilizio)

Do you own an Italian property that completely or partially lacks planning permission? Illegal construction in Italy is not uncommon. The Office for Italian Statistics (ISTAT), estimates that nationally, some 20% of Italian properties are completely illegal builds. On top of these statistics, many properties are partially illegal. For example, an outbuilding or extension that doesn’t have […]

Flat Tax Scheme in Italy

The Italian Budget Law for 2019 introduced a flat tax regime Set at 7%, the flat tax scheme in Italy aims to attract foreign and Italian nationals living abroad. Individuals with an income from a foreign pension, or other source from abroad, can benefit from the scheme. In order to take advantage of the flat […]

Usucapione (Adverse Possession) in Italy

What is Usucapione? Usucapione is a legal method of acquiring ownership of an Italian property. There are two essential elements to  usucapione. Firstly, material possession of the asset, acting as the owner (as opposed to someone who received the right of use from the owner, e.g., by  means of a contract). Secondly, the passage of a specific […]

Italian Elective Residence Visa (ERV) Refused – Case Studies

Applying for an Italian elective residence visa There are two main requirements when applying for an Italian elective residence visa (ERV). Firstly, the availability of a dwelling, which an applicant has elected as their residence in Italy. This can either be an applicant’s own Italian property or a rental property with a tenancy agreement. Secondly, […]

Making An Italian Will. Information And Template

A will determines distribution of your assets By making an Italian will, you can decide how to divide your estate after your death. In addition, it allows you to be certain that your heirs don’t pay more Inheritance Tax than necessary. What is an Italian Will? A will is a legal document. The will writer, […]