European Professional Card for Realtors

The European Professional Card is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at simplifying and harmonising professional qualifications within the European Union (EU). Specifically tailored for regulated professions seeking recognition, the card offers a streamlined electronic process for individuals aiming to validate their credentials in another EU country.

While in some EU countries, the European Professional Card procedure caters to various professions like nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, mountain guiding, and real estate agencies, its current availability in Italy extends solely to real estate agents.

The European Professional Card for Real Estate Agents: A Game-Changer

Traditionally, conducting real estate transactions across EU borders necessitated grappling with convoluted recognition protocols. However, with the advent of the European Professional Card, real estate agents now wield a potent tool to navigate these challenges with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

How the European Professional Card Empowers Real Estate Agents

The card bestows multiple benefits upon real estate agents. Principally, it grants them the liberty to operate seamlessly in any EU member state, obviating the need for cumbersome recognition procedures. Whether pursuing short-term or long-term real estate ventures, the card paves the way for expanded market access and new prospects.

Operating on the tenet of mutual recognition, the European Professional Card ensures that qualifications endorsed in one EU nation receive automatic validation elsewhere.Consequently, this mechanism fosters mobility for real estate professionals. Additionally, it enables them to transcend national borders with ease.

Navigating the Application Odyssey

Securing a European Professional Card entails an application process. Firstly, create a European Professional Card profile with your personal details and contact details.

Next, submit an application for the card. You can read the User Guide where you will find a detailed step by step guide, as well as answers to any issues you may come across during the process.

Once your application is approved, you will be notified by email and you’ll be able to generate a card in PDF format. You can then submit your application for registration using the card as proof of qualification with the regulatory authority.

Additionally, adherence to stamp duty payment requisites, as specified by regulatory authority, is imperative.

In Italy, the stamp duty must be paid by bank transfer to:
“State Budget Head VIII, Chapter 1205, art. 1”
BIC: BITAITRRENT – IBAN: IT 07Y 01000 03245 348 008 1205 01
TAX: Stamp duty – REASON FOR PAYMENT: Name Surname. Stamp duty recognition request at MISE for professional qualification.

If they do not have one, non-residents in Italy must declare their personal details instead of their tax code (codice fiscale).

Finally …

If you are a real estate agent considering expanding your services into Italy, our team at De Tullio Law Firm is here to assist you in obtaining a European Professional Card. We specialize in Italian and cross-border property, inheritance, and tax matters. Whether you require assistance with applications, tax codes, or any other aspect of the process, we are right beside you. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us help you unlock new opportunities in cross-border real estate mobility.