Italian Property Law: Personalise Your Preliminary Contract with Conditions

Should you use a one size fits all preliminary contract for your Italian property purchase? Before you sign a preliminary contract for an Italian property purchase, it is crucial to think about your personal situation. For example, is your purchase contingent on getting a mortgage or do you need to sell another property in order […]

The New York Times features De Tullio Law Firm Advice

One year after our first contribution for the New York Times, De Tullio Law Firm was interviewed for the second time to provide, once again, potential investors in Italy with useful guidelines regarding the buying basics of the Italian conveyancing process.

Resident in Italy for tax purposes?

One or more of the following conditions makes you resident in Italy for tax purposes According to the provisions of Article 2 (2) of the Italian tax code, Testo Unico delle Imposte sui Redditi (TUIR), if you spend more than 183 days per fiscal year in Italy, the Italian tax authorities will consider you resident […]

Italian Law of Filiation: A Family Law Case Study

Italian law of filiation: the legal rights of children born in and out of wedlock Maria Clelia Taló, senior associate and legal advisor at De Tullio Law Firm was an expert witness regarding the Italian law of filiation at the Supreme Court of Western Australia. The parties involved in the case about paternity and inheritance rights […]

How to get a mortgage in Italy

Can foreign nationals get a mortgage in Italy even if they are not residents? The short answer is yes. However, compared to foreign nationals resident in Italy, it is more complex for non-resident foreign nationals with an income that comes from outside Italy. There are fewer options when it comes to lenders who offer mortgages […]

How Is Property Divided in A Divorce According To Italian Law?

How is Italian property divided in a divorce? This article explores Italian matrimonial regimes, or marital property systems, and how property is divided in a divorce. Matrimonial regimes in Italy “Regime patrimoniale dei coniugi” in Italian. Because matrimonial regimes regulate financial affairs between couples, matrimonial regimes may become a significant aspect in a divorce settlement. […]